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Goofy – Ramadan Solid

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AI, EPS, PNG, SVG, Iconjar, Figma, Sketch
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Hello! Welcome to our Special Collections:)

What makes these Icons Set special for You?

  • 100% editable vector.
  • Designed for Mac and Windows users.
  • Neatly organized icon, file & layer structure.
  • Perfection in details and consistency.
  • Suitable for print, web, symbols, apps, & infographics.
  • Artboard size 96 x 96 pixel
  • File include: AI, Figma, Sketch, Iconjar, SVG, EPS, PNG, PDF

Icons included: Allah sign, Beads, Bedug – drum, Breaking the fast (iftar), Calender Ramadhan, Camel, Cow, Desert in the night, Desert with sun, Fasting, Female Muslim with hijab, Female Muslim with veil (cadar), Female sit and pray, Goat, Halal sign, Happy eid, Infaq, Ketupat, Kiblat, Kurma, Male Muslim with agal & beard, Male Muslim with skullcap kopyah, Male sit and pray, Manret, Mekkah, Moon desert, Mosque, Namaste hand, No drink, No food, Oil lamp Arabian, Open Quran, Pray open hand, Quran, Ramadan sign, Sahoor, Sajadah, Salat together, Sujud pose, Sun desert, Takbir pose, Teapot & glass Arabian, THR, Window Arabian, Wudhu, Zakat fitrah (give bag of rice), Zakat mal (give money), Zamzam Galon bottle.

You can edit it, change colors and modify the icon so easily according to your needs. So what are you waiting for?

Buy now and start using this awesome icon!

Thank you 🙂


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